A cobalt Popper and a box of Classic Kettle Popcorn on white risers

Why Kettle Corn?

For all of you curious about why we chose to offer pre-measured kettle corn kits here at Popsmith, this blog post explains everything.

There are dozens, even hundreds of popcorn flavors out there.

So you might be wondering — when we were figuring out what popcorn kits to develop, why did we decide on kettle corn out of all that variety? 

It was an easy decision, really, when you consider these reasons: 

It’s a Classic  

A hand holds up a box of Popsmith's Classic Kettle Popcorn

With popcorn, there are endless possibilities for new flavors. But classics never go out of style, and like movie theater popcorn, kettle corn has stayed popular. Even if it might make you nostalgic for summer days at the county fair, it’s a timeless treat anyone can appreciate. 

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It’s the Right Mix of Sweet and Salty

A packet of Classic Kettle Popcorn hovers above its box

Kettle corn popcorn is sweet, but not the kind of sweet that makes your teeth ache. A pinch of salt balances out the sweetness, creating a harmony of flavors so addicting you can’t stop at one handful.   

It’s a Feast for All Senses

Hand grabs a handful of kettle corn from a glass bowl

Making and eating kettle corn is an entire experience. From the sound of the first kernels popping and the mouthwatering aroma filling the air to the caramelized crunch and sweet ‘n salty goodness that greet you with each bite, it’s a sensory journey that leaves a lasting impression.

It’s a Blank Canvas

man holds a cobalt popper filled with birthday cake flavored popcorn

Kettle corn popcorn is delicious by itself, but you can also mix it with M&M’s and gummy bears, use it as a base for other popcorn recipes (like this fun birthday cake popcorn), or top your ice cream with it. 

It’s a Little Tricky to Replicate

And we wanted to change that, so we created a kettle corn recipe that makes it super easy. Each Classic Kettle Popcorn kit comes pre-measured with popping corn, 100% coconut oil, and a specially crafted sugar ‘n salt mix so you don’t have to second-guess your sweet-to-salty ratio. 

For best results, make the kettle corn with our Popper! Since it’s modeled after the same mechanism movie theaters use to pop corn and crafted with a stainless steel body, it prevents burnt and unpopped kernels. Watch the video above for a tutorial. 

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Enjoy Consistently Good Popcorn Every Time

We hope this gives you a better glimpse into our company and what we hope to share with the world — the joy of popping.

Be sure to check out our other posts for all things popcorn and snacking, and if you have any suggestions for new flavors, let us know in the comments! 

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