Let's Pop!

A woman pours fresh Kettle Corn Popcorn into a white bowl from a mint stovetop popcorn maker. [42751631360193]

Make Perfect Popcorn the Popsmith Way

  1. Heat

    Set your Popsmith Popper over medium heat and let it preheat for 1-2 minutes (note: induction stovetops heat quickly!)

  2. Add Oil

    Cut open the oil portion of the kit, squeeze the oil into your Popsmith, and allow oil to fully melt. Our pre-measured popcorn kits are designed to make perfect popcorn every time!

  3. Add Kernels

    After oil has melted, cut open the kernels portion of the popcorn kit and drop 2-3 kernels into your Popsmith. When the first kernel pops, pour in the rest.

  4. Add Seasonings

    Cut open the seasonings pouch and pour into your Popsmith, then close the lid. Too salty? We put the seasonings in it's own pouch so you can use less if you'd like.

  5. Turn Gently

    Close the lid. Once popping begins, give the crank handle a few turns (clockwise). Feeling jammed? Remove/replace the lid and give the Popsmith a few shakes to free up any stuck kernels. No need to constantly crank, the Popsmith was built to do most of the work for you!

  6. Remove

    When popping slows down, immediately remove the popper from the hot burner to prevent burning, then carefully open the lid (watch out for flying popcorn!). The crank also serves as a handle and will be comfortable to the touch.

  7. Enjoy!

    Add delicious mix-ins and give the popper a few extra shakes or turns if you'd like. Otherwise pour your masterpiece into a bowl, let it release steam for a minute to prevent chewiness, and enjoy!

The Art of Making Kettle Corn at Home

Popsmith's kettle corn is made by mixing kernels with our proprietary blend of sugar, salt, and oil that delivers crisp, piping hot kettle corn, just like what you'd find at ball parks and farmer's markets! Our patented spinner and multi-clad metal bottom ensure perfect crowd pleasing kettle corn every time.

Kettle Corn Cooking Tips

Tip #1: Add the sugary pack only after all the kernels have been poured and heated, right before popping begins, in order to minimize exposure of the sugar to heat. Sugar caramelizes quickly! Close the lid and continuously turn the crank handle until popping slows down.

Tip #2: Be sure to promptly pour your kettle corn into a bowl once cooking is complete. The bottom layer of kettle corn will burn in a hot pan very quickly, even once removed from the burner.

How To Clean Your Popper

Butter popper sits on a white marble countertop.

Between Pops?

Simply wipe the inside of your Popsmith with a clean towel (Careful! The popper will still be hot).

After Popping:

All parts of the Popsmith Popper are completely dishwasher safe. To hand wash, be sure to let your pan cool, then rinse and wash with soapy water.

Tough to clean spots? Clean with a nonabrasive, non-chlorine cleanser like Bar Keepers Friend® or Bon Ami®.

Members of the Popsmith team making popcorn in a butter and a cobalt Popsmith popper.

Founders' Note:

There’s a lot to love about popcorn—especially when you make it fresh on the stove. The smells, the sizzle, the flavor, and the crunch that you crave…it’s enough to make you plan your next movie night. But our favorite thing is watching Popsmith users like you discover the possibilities of this classic snack.

Popsmith makes it seriously simple and fun to experiment with popcorn. So go ahead and pop up a sweet & salty bowl for a cozy night in or serve something savory & sophisticated at champagne brunch. We're thrilled to have you as part of the Popsmith movement to enjoy the best homemade snacking experience and we can't wait to see what you pop up!

- Dave & Tal, Founders of Popsmith