11 of the Best Popcorn Gift Ideas for the Popcorn Lover in Your Life

11 of the Best Popcorn Gift Ideas for the Popcorn Lover in Your Life

Searching for the perfect gift for the popcorn lover in your life? From movie night kits and gourmet popcorn seasonings to popcorn machines and personalized popcorn bowls, we've compiled a list of the best gift ideas that will delight any popcorn addict.

Popcorn can be found in so many households across the country. It is a snack loved by many! There are so many different types of popcorn to choose from that you will never grow tired of this popular snack.

Because of its popularity, almost everyone knows a true popcorn lover. When holidays and birthdays come around, you may want to get some gift inspiration and give those popcorn lovers something they will really enjoy- a popcorn-inspired gift! We will go over some of the best gift ideas for the popcorn addicts in your life to give them the perfect gift at every occasion. 

Find the Perfect Gift for the Popcorn Lover in Your Life

The gifts on our list range from simple snacks to popcorn merchandise. We even have some great popcorn poppers that will definitely get a lot of use. No matter who you're buying a gift for, we bet we have the perfect popcorn match!

1. Best Overall Popcorn Gift: Movie Night Kit

Many popcorn lovers are also movie lovers. Popcorn and movie night just go hand in hand! So what is better than a movie night kit complete with tasty popcorn?

You can put together this gift set, by giving the gift a movie theater gift card, candy, or physical DVDs. You can add your favorite type of popcorn to the gift set as well, adding microwave popcorn or gourmet popcorn kernels. Don’t forget to throw in some tasty popcorn seasoning to make the gift truly perfect! A popcorn movie night kit is perfect as a Christmas gift, birthday gift or just because!

2. Best for Housewarming: Franklin’s Popcorn Whirly Pop

Popcorn can make a fantastic housewarming gift. A popcorn popper is an especially nice gift that will make a new house feel like a home. Homemade, old-fashioned movie theater popcorn will be a perfect snack to enjoy while visiting with guests or setting up a new house.

We love Franklin’s Whirly Pop machine. It makes delicious popcorn right on the stovetop. You can make different flavors of popcorn by adding seasonings or following some of Popsmith’s famous popcorn recipes. This is a great gift that will help popcorn lovers get creative with their favorite snacks.

3. Best Gift on a Budget: Gourmet Popcorn Seasonings

Popcorn seasonings are a wonderful gift that is not only inexpensive but also quite delicious. The popcorn lover in your life will be obsessed with trying the different flavorings in the seasoning set. Look for a popcorn seasoning sampler pack that has white cheddar powder, caramel corn seasoning, a kettle corn sprinkle, or just some classic popcorn salt. This is a very thoughtful gift that you can find at a great price.

4. Best Gift for Health Nuts: Air-Popped Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is typically a pretty healthy snack. If you know someone who is pretty health-conscious and also a popcorn lover, you may want to give them an air popper.

Air poppers make popcorn using hot air rather than oil. Without the oil, popcorn is lower in calories and fats. You can also make fresh popcorn and then create different flavors just by adding seasonings. Sea salt and butter are always a good choice of topping for air-popped popcorn!

5. Best Corporate Gift: Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn Gift Box

Corporate gifts are very important for companies to develop strong relationships with their customers. Choosing a corporate gift can be tricky because it needs to be something that a lot of different people will like. Luckily, a lot of people like popcorn!

Our favorite gourmet popcorn gift box is the Popcornopolis gift box. It has tons of unique flavors like caramel popcorn, zebra popcorn, kettle corn, and cheddar cheese popcorn. Popcorn variety packs like this are sure to please lots of people!

6. Best DIY Gift: Hand Selected Popcorn Gift Basket

If you are having a hard time picking just one gift for your favorite popcorn lover, try making your own popcorn gift basket. This allows you to choose exactly what you want to include in the gift. Add things like a DIY popcorn kit. Personalized popcorn bags or even wearable merchandise like popcorn-themed socks! This gift has a fantastic, personal touch and can be created to fit into any budget. 

7. Best Raw Popcorn Kernels: Franklin’s All-In-One Popcorn Kernel Packs

A nice jar of raw popcorn kernels is the perfect gift for an experienced popcorn maker. Any die-hard popcorn fan knows how to make popcorn from scratch! So some nice kernels will make a wonderful gift. 

Our favorite popcorn kernels are Franklin’s All-In-One popcorn kernel packs. These packets have the perfect amount of popcorn for a serving and they include the oil and popcorn salt needed to make the snack complete! The packs come in a variety of sizes so you can fit it into your gift basket and into your budget. 

8. Best Wearable Gift: Popcorn Lover T-Shirt

A true popcorn lover will go crazy for a popcorn-inspired shirt. It may even become their favorite piece of clothing. There’s nothing better than showing off your true love for popcorn. 

There are so many different options available and you can even customize a lot of popcorn shirt options. Search Amazon or Etsy to find the perfect shirt for the popcorn lover in your life. 

9. Best Personalized Gift: Custom Popcorn Bowl

A custom popcorn bowl is a very unexpected gift but one that a popcorn lover will really appreciate and use often. Anyone who makes popcorn at home often needs a popcorn bowl! 

We recommend customizing a dishwasher-safe bowl so that it can be easily washed and used every single day. A larger, personalized popcorn tin is also a good idea. 

Add the recipients name to the bowl using paint, permanent markers or a vinyl sticker. You can make your own personalized bowl or you can order one online and have a professional crafter do it for you! 

10. Best for Gluten-Free Popcorn Lovers: Non-GMO Gourmet Popcorn Flavors

Popcorn is typically free from many allergens. If you need a snack for a friend who is gluten-free, popcorn may be the perfect gift! Choose a brand of all natural, non-GMO popcorn like Amish Country Popcorn. This is perfect for anyone who wanted to eat truly healthy foods and also avoid a gluten allergy flare-up. Look for raw kernels, pre-popped popcorn, or microwave bags that are all gluten-free.

11. Best Gift with a Personal Touch: Homemade Gourmet Popcorn

Homemade gourmet popcorn may be the best gift you can give someone. Not only can you customize the snack to suit their personal tastes, but it also shows how much you care since you put a lot of time and effort into the gift. You may even want to make some extra to enjoy yourself!

Our favorite flavors of popcorn to make at home include peanut butter popcorn, dark chocolate popcorn, and parmesan garlic popcorn. However, there are hundreds of seasoning options you can try to make this popcorn gift perfect! We have tons of recipes on our website here at Popsmith that you may want to check out. 

Find Even More Great Snack Ideas for the Popcorn Lover in Your Life

So which gift idea are you going to give to your popcorn-loving friends? There are a lot of great choices out there! Read some more of our favorite popcorn ideas while you try to decide. Our popcorn recipes and endless amount of popcorn information may help guide you toward the perfect popcorn gift. Let us know which gifts you love best! Enjoy.

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