Our Story

We believe nothing compares to making popcorn on a stovetop and sharing it with friends and loved ones. After 20 years in the popcorn industry, we set out to create the perfect popper for modern snackers. Over two years went into the development of Popsmith, and its something we're immensely proud of. We cant wait for you to experience the joy of making delicious popcorn with Popsmith.

-Dave & Tal, Founders of Popsmith

Butter popper sits on a white marble countertop.

Our Mission

Driven by excellence, we’ve spent years crafting products and ingredients that combine old-world comfort with modern style. We’ve reimagined the classic stovetop popper, developed pre-measured kits of superbly sweet and savory popcorn, and cooked up fun new ways to add a little more joy to the everyday.

Doodle of a cartoon butter drop taking a selfie with a Popsmith popper of popcorn.

Let's Pop!