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10 Best Popcorn Toppings to Snack on For Your Next Movie Night

Looking for delicious popcorn toppings to take your snacking to the next level? From spicy chili powder to tangy everything bagel seasoning and sweet kettle corn, explore ten mouthwatering popcorn topping ideas that will have you reaching for more.

We all love popcorn. It’s one of the best snacks out there. Popcorn is inexpensive, versatile, and delicious. It’s perfect for any occasion.

But do you want to know what will make your favorite popcorn even better? Adding a delicious popcorn topping. You can make homemade popcorn and then season it any way you want.

There are countless of sweet, savory, and even healthy popcorn toppings out there. We go over 10 of the best in this post. So, go fix yourself a bowl of popcorn and get ready to add some popcorn toppings you'll go crazy for!

Unique Popcorn Seasonings & Toppings to Snack On

Popcorn on its own is already amazing, but adding toppings makes it even more appealing. Since it has a fairly neutral flavor, it goes well with all kinds of flavors. It’s like a clean slate, letting you top it with almost anything you can think of.

There are dozens of ways you can shake up your favorite snack and make it even more addictive. Now are you ready to learn all about the best popcorn toppings out there? Go check them out:

1. Chili Powder

Chili powder in a bowl surrounded by whole chili peppers

Chili powder is the number one popcorn topping on our list, and it's something you likely already have at home. Its smokey, spicy taste perfectly complements salty popcorn.

After making a batch of popcorn on your Popsmith, you can just sprinkle a little bit of chili powder over the top, and poof! You instantly upgrade your snack.

It’s amazing how just one ingredient can transform your popcorn. It may be simple but the flavor that chili powder adds to popcorn is pretty big. You’re going to love it!

2. Everything Bagel Seasoning

A container of everything bagel seasoning next to three bagels stacked together

Everything bagel seasoning is an amazing blend of spices. Over the past years, it has become pretty popular so you should be able to find a jar in almost any grocery store. The funny thing is, with so many brands selling their own version of everything bagel seasoning, you might just find it difficult to choose. Any will do, though, and you can also make your own.

So what exactly is the “everything” in this seasoning?

Well, there’s dried onion powder, garlic powder, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds. Salt is often added and you may also find caraway seeds in some bottles. All of these spices work together to make your salty, crunchy popcorn incredible.

3. Kettle Corn Seasoning 

Instructions for making Popsmith's Classic Kettle Popcorn

Kettle corn can be hard to perfect at home. The thick melted sugar can get sticky inside a pot and it can be tough to toss your popped popcorn in the messy kettle corn mix. 

Luckily, there’s a better way to make kettle corn at home: our Classic Kettle Popcorn kit. This pre-measured kit has all the ingredients you need to make homemade kettle corn that tastes just like the one at your local county fair — kernels, oil, and our special sugar 'n salt mix.

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4. Crushed Pretzels & Chocolate

white chocolate coated pretzels on a beige surface

The combination of pretzels, chocolate, and popcorn is unbelievable. The flavors are a little bit salty and a little bit sweet, while you get extra crunch with every bite. This popcorn mix is something everyone’s going to love!

To make this drool-worthy combo, simply toss some pretzel twists and a handful of milk chocolate chips into your warm, freshly popped popcorn. The warmth will make the chocolate soft and melty, letting it coat the popcorn and pretzels for a super decadent treat.

5. Cayenne Pepper & Cumin 

a spoon scoops some cumin seeds out of a jar

Sprinkle some cayenne pepper and cumin over your popcorn for a taco-inspired snack. The spices give the popcorn just the right amount of heat.

When you make 

cayenne pepper and cumin popcorn, one thing that's bound to happen is that you won't be able to stop eating it. It’s just that irresistible!

You can drizzle a little hot sauce over the popcorn to make it even more taco-y. This adds more kick and a whole lot of flavor. Just be sure to add your hot sauce right before you’re about to eat so the popcorn doesn’t get too soggy.

6. Chili Lime

 sliced lime on wooden table

We’re crazy about chili lime popcorn. It’s one of the best popcorn topping on the list! That's because it’s a spicy, tangy topping that goes so well with the saltiness and crunch of popcorn. You don’t need to wait for any occasion to enjoy it — go ahead and make this combo your everyday snack.

To make chili lime popcorn topping, you can just squeeze some fresh lime juice over your popcorn and then sprinkle it with some chili seasoning. The lime juice will also help the spices stick to the popcorn so you get the perfect amount of flavor in every bite.

7. Black Pepper & Sea Salt

wooden spoon with sea salt

This popcorn topping may sound simple but you shouldn’t underestimate it. It’s a true classic. And classic flavors stick around for a reason — they simply work! You won’t be able to resist topping your popcorn with ground black pepper and sea salt.

The black pepper makes the popcorn a bit spicy while the sea salt enhances its salty flavor profile. Sounds yum, huh? You’ve got to try it.

8. Olive Oil & Parmesan

bottle of olive oil beside a plant

If you love Italian dishes, this is going to be one of your favorite popcorn flavors.

Olive oil adds a rich taste to the popcorn and helps the grated parmesan cheese stick to each popped kernel. Meanwhile, parmesan cheese has an umami flavor that pairs well with salty popcorn.

To bring out that Italian flavor even more, try sprinkling a little dried oregano over your olive oil popcorn. 

9. Garlic Powder & Paprika

white garlic on wooden table

You can never go wrong with garlic! And garlic paprika popcorn is definitely a winning snack. The smokey, savory taste is incredible and something you’ll crave at random times of the day.

Sprinkle some garlic powder and smoked paprika over your warm popcorn. Adding these dry spices while the popcorn is warm will help them stick better. You want to toss in as much of this combo as possible as it will really elevate your snack.

10. Peanut Butter

an open jar of creamy peanut butter

There's nothing quite like peanut butter popcorn. It may be an unconventional popcorn topping but it’s a good pick-me-up. It's pretty easy to make too, which always gets a plus in our books. 

What you have to do is heat peanut butter in a large bowl while the popcorn is popping. You want it to have a thin, runny consistency. After your popcorn’s done popping, toss it in the warm peanut butter and mix until it’s totally coated.

You can also try mixing a little corn syrup into the peanut butter to make this a sweet and savory popcorn topping. This combo will turn your ordinary popcorn into a mouthwatering dessert.

How to Get Your Seasonings to Stick to Your Popcorn

Once you decide which popcorn topping to try, be sure to get every bit of spice and seasoning to stick to your popcorn. We have a little trick that will help you — use butter.

Once your popcorn is popped, toss it in some melted butter or coconut oil. Getting a little bit of wet grease on the kernels will make the popcorn toppings stick. The dry seasonings will immediately adhere to the melted butter and stick to every single piece of popcorn. Every bite will be amazing!

Melted butter will also help some thicker, stickier popcorn toppings cling to your popcorn.

Let's say you want to coat your popcorn in peanut butter. Before tossing it in your plain popcorn, mix it with a little melted butter first. This will thin out the topping and give you an easier time coating the popcorn. 

Making DIY gourmet popcorn is actually way easier than you think. You can prepare an amazing snack in just minutes when you follow these tips. You can create anything from caramel popcorn to Italian-seasoned popcorn and everything in between!

Get More Snacking Inspiration for Your Next Movie Night

Don’t all of these popcorn toppings sound incredible? Boy, are you going to have trouble choosing which topping to try first!

Luckily, popcorn is a great snack for any time of the day and any day of the year. You have plenty of opportunities to try all of these popcorn toppings for your next party, movie night, or game night

If you ever need more popcorn inspiration, be sure to check back as we have endless recipe ideas you can make with your Popsmith Popper.

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