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Hulless Popcorn: What Is It & Is It Better Than Regular Popcorn?

Looking for the perfect snack that won't get stuck in your teeth? Enter the world of hulless popcorn—a term that has been used by various brands to describe smaller kernels with softer hulls. While true hulless popcorn doesn't exist, these smaller and more enjoyable hulls make for a tasty snack.

Who doesn’t love munching on a bucket of popcorn every time you go to the movies? There are several reasons why it's been a go-to snack for ages.

But if there is one downside to popcorn, it's this — pesky kernels getting stuck in your teeth, or worse, your throat.  

This is where hulless popcorn comes to the rescue. 

But what is hulless popcorn, exactly? And is it even possible for popcorn to be hulless? 

Well, you're about to find out: 

Why Is Hulless Popcorn a Myth?

Before we discuss whether hulless popcorn is a myth or not, let’s discuss how popcorn kernels pop first. 

Basically, when you heat up kernels in a microwave or stovetop popcorn popper, the moisture inside them turns into steam and creates pressure so strong that it makes their shells — aka the hulls — burst.

The soft, fluffy interior of the popcorn is now on the outside while the hulls are on the inside. 

With that, you can tell that making popcorn without a hull is almost impossible. You need the hull to build pressure inside the kernel. Otherwise, your popcorn can’t pop and you’ll be left with boxes of unusable kernels.

So, What Is Hulless Popcorn Really?

If hulless popcorn isn’t real, then what are brands selling when they claim their popcorn is hulless?

Essentially, popcorn that’s labeled “hulless” is just popcorn with smaller kernels. Smaller kernels mean smaller hulls, so you end up with popcorn that's softer, easier to digest, and less likely to get stuck in your teeth or braces

You can think of it as virtually hull-free instead of 100% hulless.

How to Prepare Hulless Popcorn

There are no special steps to follow when you make hulless popcorn. Pop it the way you pop other popcorn varieties, whether using a microwave or an air popper or making a huge batch with your Popsmith Popper. It’s super simple to make and absolutely delicious. 

Hulless popcorn can also be healthy when you customize it at home. Popcorn is a whole grain and has helpful antioxidants. Those antioxidants can help combat disease and keep your body strong — even more reason why popcorn is the best snack ever.

Best Brands of Hulless Popcorn

While there’s no such thing as completely hulless popcorn, there are still brands that advertise their popcorn as hulless. 

You know now that these aren't truly hulless, but they do have the smaller hulls we talked about.

So if you have a bone to pick with big popcorn kernels, give these popcorn brands a try. They make some delicious popcorn you’ll enjoy:

1. Amish Country Popcorn Medium White Hulless

A bottle of Amish Country Popcorn Medium White Hulless popcorn

Image from Amish Country Popcorn

Amish Country Popcorn is a clean brand adored by popcorn lovers. All of their popcorn is grown in Berne, Indiana, and is guaranteed non-GMO and additive-free. 

Their Medium White Hulless popcorn is one of their best sellers. These kernels have tender hulls that are quite pleasant to bite into. You might also want to try their Baby White and Ladyfinger flavors.

Their popcorn comes in different sizes. You can try out a 14oz pack first to see how you like it, and if you end up wanting more, they offer a whopping 25-pound bag — enough for countless parties or cozy evenings with a book.

2. Dutchman’s White Popcorn

A jar of Dutchman’s White Hulless Popcorn

Dutchman’s White Popcorn has medium white kernels. It’s vegan and free of preservatives and gluten.

This white popcorn has a very small hull. It’s actually the closest to hulless out of all the popcorn we tried. So when you choose this brand, you won’t have to worry about hard hulls ruining your snack time. 

Grab a four-pound bag of Dutchman’s popcorn on Amazon and you’ll be one happy snacker!

4. Black Jewell Crimson Red Gourmet Popcorn Kernels 

Black Jewell crimson popcorn kernels

Image from Black Jewell

Black Jewell popcorn not only has a very small hull, but it’s also unique in many other ways. The dark-colored kernels are eye-catching and exciting. 

While the red kernels may pop open to reveal a bright, white center, the popcorn does have a rich and interesting flavor that’s far more intense than other popcorns. You can snag this popcorn in already popped popcorn bags or make it yourself. 

We also love Black Jewell as a company because they plant pollinator plots to help the honey bee population. They also contribute to pollinator advocacy groups that help make sustainable farming possible. It’s a great popcorn brand with a great cause.

4. Riehle’s Select Popping Corn Hulless Butter Microwave Popcorn

Three boxes of Riehle’s Select Popping Corn hulless microwave popcorn

Image from Riehle's Select Popcorn

If you’re looking for hulless microwave popcorn, Riehle’s is the brand for you. Making their microwave popcorn is a breeze and will upgrade your movie nights thanks to its soft, tender kernels.

Just don’t get shocked when you pop a bag of Riehle’s popcorn. Spoiler alert: it comes out small. Lots of customer reviews mention the tiny size of the popcorn.

However, we don’t see this as a bad thing. The small size means the hulls are barely noticeable. Hulless popcorn seekers will be happy with this popcorn brand.

Learn More About All Things Popcorn

True hulless popcorn may not exist but there are brands out there that make popcorn with small, practically unnoticeable hulls. You can eat this type of popcorn without worry — no need for a toothpick to take those annoying hulls out of your teeth and gums

Let us know which popcorn is your favorite and remember to come back for more interesting popcorn recipes, articles, and inspiration!

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