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Is Popcorn Vegan? Here’s the Lowdown

Are you curious to know whether popcorn is vegan or not? You’ve come to the right place.

The best snacks are convenient, full of flavor, and satisfyingly crunchy. Popcorn ticks each one of those boxes, so it’s a favorite for many. But if you’re on a plant-based diet and looking to add to your snack rotation, you might be wondering — is popcorn vegan friendly?

Well, let’s find out:

Is Popcorn Vegan?

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Popcorn is a variety of corn that pops when exposed to enough heat. The kernels themselves are 100% vegan, but not every popcorn you find in grocery stores is. Always check the label to see if it includes ingredients like real butter or cheese. What’s even better is if the packaging clearly states it’s vegan and dairy free popcorn.

Is Movie Theater Popcorn Vegan?

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Fun fact: most movie theaters don’t use actual butter for their popcorn. They use butter-flavored coconut oil and salt instead, which give it that incredible smell and taste, and — more importantly — are vegan. 

Before you get too excited, though, keep in mind that we say most, and not all. That’s because the butter topping in some theaters might contain dairy. It’s best to ask the movie theater attendant for confirmation.   

Now if you want to make your own version of movie theater popcorn at home, we think you’ll love our Oh Sooo Buttery Popcorn. It’s vegan, insanely delicious, and a great snack for movie night. Plus, it’s gluten free and non-GMO. 

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Is Kettle Corn Vegan?

Box of Popsmith's Classic Kettle Popcorn surrounded by popcorn
Traditional kettle corn was made using salt, sugar, and lard. Folks have (thankfully) since swapped the lard for oil, so most of the kettle corn you come across should be vegan. But it’s also possible that some brands add milk powder to their kettle corn so read the ingredients list before buying.
You can also make your own from scratch or use our pre-measured Classic Kettle Popcorn kits. It’s vegan like our Oh Sooo Buttery Popcorn and has all the ingredients you need to make kettle corn that tastes exactly like the kind you’d find at the county fair.

Vegan Popcorn Ideas

The beauty of popcorn is that you can make it any way you want, whether that’s salty, sweet, or savory. You don’t have to eat it plain. 

Here are a couple of seasoning ideas to give your vegan popcorn more oomph:

Garlic and Herb

A little garlic powder and dried parsley are all you need to turn your popcorn into a gourmet snack. Trust us, you won’t get enough of this.

Italian Herb Blend

a white bowl with various herbs in front of bottles of dried herbs

By adding dried basil, oregano, rosemary, and thyme to your popcorn, you can transport your taste buds to the shores of the Mediterranean. It’s perfect for a hot summer day! 

Taco Seasoning

Combine paprika, chili powder, and cumin together, and what do you get? An irresistible taco seasoning you’ll want to sprinkle all over your popcorn. And like most of the vegan popcorn ideas we mentioned on this list, it’s quite healthy

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Maple and Sea Salt

If you want a slightly more indulgent treat, then you have to try this out. Just drizzle maple syrup over a bowl of popcorn and add a pinch of sea salt to balance out the sweetness.  

Ready to Veg Out?

You can enjoy flavorful popcorn without compromising your plant-based lifestyle. From savory herb blends to sweet and salty kettle corn, your options are virtually endless when you buy from vegan brands like Popsmith or make your own popcorn from scratch. 

Don’t forget to check out our blog for more popcorn recipes and snacking inspiration.

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