6 Best Gourmet Popcorn Brands to Satisfy Your Sweet and Savory Cravings

6 Best Gourmet Popcorn Brands to Satisfy Your Sweet and Savory Cravings

From Opopop's surprising microwave popcorn to Harry & David's luxurious popcorn tins, explore the top gourmet popcorn brands and discover the flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

There is nothing quite as tasty as a big bowl of gourmet popcorn. Gourmet popcorn is decadent and exciting but also something you can enjoy any day, any time of year. Plus, there are so many different gourmet popcorn flavors that you can try that you will never grow tired of this timeless snack.

We wanted to put together a list of the best gourmet popcorn brands out there. These brands are really incredible and make some irresistible popcorn. Each one will make a great gift for popcorn lovers or a perfect, special treat for you to enjoy yourself. You should probably try them all.

6 Gourmet Popcorn Brands

When you think of popcorn, you probably think of movie night at home. While popcorn is always perfect for movie night, it is also great as a midday snack, a thoughtful gift for popcorn lovers, and it can even be a delicious dessert. You can really have popcorn anytime especially when you try exciting, uniquely flavored gourmet popcorn.

Some of the best gourmet popcorn brands have created popcorn in interesting flavors that will help keep your snack time fresh and new. We are going to explore the different types of high-quality popcorn that are so much better than that bagged, microwave popcorn you find in the grocery store. These popcorn brands are on a whole other level. So, let’s dive right in so you can start snacking on the best gourmet popcorn brands out there.

1. Best Gourmet Microwave Popcorn: Opopop

We aren;t usually huge fans of microwave popcorn but the Opopop brand may have changed our mind. It is full of delicious, fresh taste that you can’t get anywhere else. There are also lots of different flavors of Opopop that are so unique for a microwave popcorn. You are going to be quite surprised by this gourmet popcorn brand.

Our favorite type of Opopop is the vanilla cake pop which tastes just like a birthday cake. It is pretty amazing how popcorn can turn into something celebration-worthy with some simple seasonings. And, with Opopop, you can rest assured that every popcorn kernel in the bag will pop perfectly, giving you a whole lot of gourmet popcorn to enjoy. 

2. Best Variety of Popcorn Flavors: Popcornopolis

Popcornopolis makes gourmet popcorn, popcorn cones and gorgeous gift baskets. But, what the gourmet popcorn company is really is known for all of the tasty, unique flavors they offer. 

Our favorite Popcornopolis flavor is Zebra Popcorn which is a mix of white, dark and milk chocolate all striped over crunchy, sweet caramel corn. It is definitely a sweet treat that you will adore. All the popcorn from Popcornopolis comes pre-popped, perfectly seasoned and ready to eat. You will want to dig in as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.

3. Best Small Batch Popcorn: Double Good

Double Good is a great gourmet popcorn brand that has a lot to offer. All of the popcorn is made in small batches which means it is super fresh and perfectly popped. The popcorn comes in small, single serving bags so you can quickly grab one as an easy snack. 

Double Good also has quite the variety of popcorn flavors to choose from. We really like the “It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time” popcorn which is salty popcorn covered in peanut butter and milk chocolate. This amazing combo is quite tasty on popcorn and also very addictive. You won’t be able to put the bag down.

4. Best Classic Flavor: Franklin’s Popcorn

If you are looking for some buttery, salty, gourmet popcorn, then you want to grab some Franklin’s Popcorn. It is the absolute best brand for that traditional popcorn flavor you crave. This is movie theater-style popcorn at its finest.

So, before your next movie night, be sure to check out the Franklin’s Popcorn website and grab everything you need to make your Classic Buttery Popcorn. They have everything from the coconut oil to the popcorn kernels for you to buy. You'll be ready to make buttery popcorn in no time.

5. Best Non-GMO Option: Quinn Snacks

If you want a snack that is preservative free, non-GMO and also gluten-free, then you must try Quinn Snacks popcorn. The company is completely transparent about the ingredients they use so you can rest assured you are getting only the good stuff. Quinn Snacks is also climate friendly and quite innovative with their tasty flavors.

We really like Quinn Snacks Parmesan and Rosemary popcorn. It has a strong, interesting flavor that is perfect for mid day snacking. You can find the popcorn in either microwavable bags or as a seasoning packet sold with some kernels. Both options are great. 

6. Best Luxury Buy: Harry & David’s

Harry and David’s is known for their stunning popcorn tins and gourmet popcorn gift boxes. Any popcorn lover will adore getting this fancy and delicious gift. 

We especially love the Harry & David’s Moose Munch Combo. The popcorn tin is filled with a variety of flavored popcorn for you to try. Some of the popcorn in the tin is sweet while others are savory. The tin is a great way to sample the best high end popcorn out there. 

Gourmet Popcorn Flavors You Need to Try

Once you find your favorite gourmet popcorn brand, you have to make an even tougher choice- what flavor popcorn to try. There are so many different types of popcorn flavors that you could spend weeks trying them all. There are savory gourmet popcorns and also sweet varieties of popcorn. You can even blend your own seasonings and toppings to create your own unique snack.

Here are a few of our favorite gourmet popcorn flavors that you may want to try:

  • Caramel Corn & Kettle Corn: This is one of the most popular types of sweet gourmet popcorn. It is made using melted brown sugar or white sugar which coats the outside of the popped popcorn kernels. This sweet treat is often found at carnivals, fairs and movie theaters.
  • Truffle Popcorn: The interesting, earthy, umami flavor of truffles goes really well with buttery popcorn. A dusting of truffle seasoning will add a unique twist to the crunchy snack. It will also make your simple popcorn into something quite fancy. Truffles are a delicacy, after all. 
  • Cheese Popcorn: There are lots of different types of cheese popcorn on the market and we know why- cheese is amazing on top of popcorn. Almost every tin of popcorn and every popcorn gift basket will have a type of cheesy popcorn inside. From white cheddar cheese to parmesan cheese popcorn, we think you will love them all.
  • Jalapeno Popcorn: Jalapeno popcorn is a little spicy and a little bit salty. It is a great way to enjoy your favorite snack with a little bit of exciting heat. All pepper lovers will enjoy the unexpected kick in every bite. 

Gourmet flavored popcorn is fantastic as a gift or care package. It will delight any popcorn lover and give them something unique to try. It is a gift that will definitely be appreciated. You may even be able to find a popcorn maker who will customize your popcorn tin, giving you all your favorite flavors. There is nothing better than DIY gourmet popcorn.

Get More Snacking Inspiration for Popcorn

There are lots of great gourmet popcorn brands out there but the ones we mentioned here are truly incredible.

Give a few of these brands a try and don’t be afraid to try some of the more interesting popcorn flavors — you may just discover your new favorite snack. Be sure to check back for more popcorn inspiration and recipes and to learn more about gourmet popcorn. We can be your go-to hub for all things popcorn and you'll quickly discover all there is to know about everyone's favorite salty snack. We'll see you soon.

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