Let's pop!

The Popper

We created a modern popcorn popper that brings a contemporary twist to classic stovetop popping.

  • A yellow Popsmith popper on a wood shelf. [42324529348801]

    The Popper

    Current Price: $199.00 Original Price:
  • A mint colored Popsmith popper on a wooden shelf. [42324529447105]

    The Popper

    Current Price: $199.00 Original Price:
  • A cobalt blue Popsmith popper on a matching background. [42324529479873]

    The Popper

    Current Price: $199.00 Original Price:
  • A poppy orange colored stovetop popper from Popsmith on a wooden shelf. [42324529414337]

    The Popper

    Current Price: $199.00 Original Price:
  • A cream colored popsmith stovetop popper on a wooden shelf. [42324529381569]

    The Popper

    Current Price: $199.00 Original Price:

Popcorn Flavors

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  • A box of Oh Sooo Buttery popcorn on a red gradient background

    Oh Sooo Buttery

    Original Price: Current Price: $19.00
    The right balance of buttery and salt that’ll take you back to your favorite movie theater experience.
  • A box of Classic Kettle Popcorn on a gradient blue background

    Classic Kettle Popcorn

    Original Price: Current Price: $24.00
    That familiar mix of sweet and salty for a warm, crunchy kettle corn taste.

Featured Reviews

A woman takes out an orange popper's lid from the Starter Bundle box with the rest of the items still inside

Super fun and easy to use, and the unboxing is an awesome experience in itself! Absolutely love how the color looks in our mostly-white kitchen, and the Popper is so cool and easy to use. I expected it to be more complicated, but it wasn't... Even for someone with limited cooking skills like me.

Person pours Classic Kettle Popcorn ingredients onto a cobalt Popsmith popper

I wouldn't normally consider Kettle Corn my go-to popcorn flavor, but WOW this is delicious. Using the kits you get a perfect balance of sweet and salty, and the caramelized coating gives it that nice crunch.

A person holds both handles of a white popper on a white marble countertop

Love the cream-colored design, it's so minimal and chic. A definite crowd-pleaser for both kids and adults, and such a thoughtful gift for that person who "already has everything" (EXCEPT a Popsmith and popcorn subscription!) Simple, cute, fun, kid-friend, easy to clean = 10/10

A smiling woman holds a wooden bowl filled with popcorn. On her right side is a blue popper and on her left is a box of Oh Sooo Buttery popcorn.

I am honestly the worst cook, so I was skeptical at first. I followed the instructions on the kits ("heat, pour, turn") and it really was that easy! Makes a huge bowl of popcorn, my boyfriend was VERY impressed - with both the popcorn and my "cooking" skills!

An orange stovetop popper filled with kernels

My wife and I have been making popcorn on the stove in a sauce pan for 20 years. This is a big upgrade. Beautiful design. And the spinner actually coats every kernel in seasoning and oil. We have an induction stove and it only took a minute to warm, before we added the kernels. Give it a few turns while the oil melts then wait until you hear it start popping. Great and no burnt kernels!!