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The Popper

Original Price: $199.00

Designed from premium stainless steel, Popsmith's stovetop Popper merges durability with style for the modern snacker.

Using your own kernels or our all-inclusive popcorn making kits, you'll enjoy popcorn that's superior in flavor and rich in nostalgia in less than five minutes.


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    • Stylish, durable & dishwasher safe
    • Compatible with all stovetops
    • Crafted from premium stainless steel
    • Multi-clad metal bottom ensures even heat distribution
    • Patented spinning mechanism that prevents burning & sticking
    • Makes 2.5x more popcorn than a bag of microwave popcorn
    • Stainless Steel stovetop popcorn popper
    • Comes pre-assembled and ready for use

    All-inclusive popcorn kits not included, click here to bundle & save.

  • Details: Designed with all stainless steel and a multi-layered metal bottom that delivers even heat distribution, ensuring no burnt kernels or unpopped popcorn.

    Use your own kernels or our pre-measured kits. Just pour pop, and repeat.

    Dimensions: 18" x 9" x 8"
    Approx 4 lbs

  • Dishwasher safe, compatible with all stovetops

  • Premium stainless steel

Floating yellow popper and popcorn kits on a cream background with two boxes of popcorn kits in buttery and kettle corn flavor. [42751631294657]

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Make perfect popcorn every time

  • Makes the best 
tasting popcorn

  • Ready in under 5 minutes

  • Endless flavor

  • Easy 
to use

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Works on 
any stovetop

It's quick!

Five Minutes

You’re always five easy minutes away from a delicious bowl of freshly popped popcorn. Just pour, cook and enjoy!

  • Heat
  • Turn
  • Pop
  • Mix
  • Eat
GIF of woman adding popcorn kernels to a Popsmith popper on a stovetop.

Right Tool For the Job

Our one of a kind modern popper is the only piece of cookware you need to make the best popcorn in the world.

Why Popsmith?

Popsmith popper icon PopsmithMicrowave
Ridiculously fun to makeChecked
Makes a huge bowl of popcornChecked
Create your own recipesChecked
Infinite flavor combinationsChecked
Amaze your family and friendsChecked

Let's Pop!