5 Reasons Popsmith is the #1 Kitchen Staple For Foodies, Families & Hosts Alike

5 Reasons Popsmith is the #1 Kitchen Staple For Foodies, Families & Hosts Alike

1. It’s Your Kitchen's Best Conversation Piece:

It’s not just top-quality, durable cookware: it’s a sleek focal point for your entire kitchen that practically doubles as decor. Your guests will be drawn in by the gorgeous retro construction as soon as they walk in…. and even more impressed when you serve up crispy-fresh popcorn just 5 minutes later!

2. You’ll Cook Up Unique New Popcorn Flavors:

With Popsmith, you can take your popcorn game to the next level by experimenting with unique and delicious flavors. Use your favorite seasonings, herbs, and spices to customize your popcorn, turning a blank canvas into a creative culinary delight.

3. You’ll Savor More Family Time:

Gather your loved ones around the stove and experience the joy of crafting gourmet popcorn from scratch, the old-fashioned way! Share in the sensory excitement of waiting for that first POP!, smelling the richly buttery scent, and finally crunching down on each perfectly crisp piece. It’s joyfully present in the way that cooking should be.

4. It Makes Wholesome Snacking Super Easy:

Rediscover the pure, mouthwatering taste of popcorn popped on the stove – not in a microwaveable bag – and made from whole ingredients. It's a steamy, delicious and fresh treat you can feel great about sharing with the family. The pre-measured popcorn kits make it easy and fun.

5. It’s Ridiculously Simple to Clean:

While the Popsmith looks and feels high-end, it’s designed to be completely low-maintenance! The patented stirring handle and multi-clad metal bottom prevent burning, so you never have to worry about singed-on messes. Oh yeah: and it’s 100% dishwasher safe.

BONUS Reason: You Get 10 Mouthwatering Pre-Measured Popcorn Kits!

We measured out the perfect amount of buttery coconut oil, seasoned salt, and premium kernels for 10 all-inlcusive popcorn packs. Your Starter Bundle includes:

🍿 5 "Oh So Buttery" popcorn kits
🍿 5 sweet "Classic Kettle" popcorn kits

All you need to do is rip, pour, pop, and enjoy in as little as 5 minutes!

“It's Like The Nespresso of Popcorn Poppers”

“Honestly blown away. Even the packaging was impressive! Kids couldn't wait to tear it open. I was surprised at how substantial it feels in your hands… like luxury/high end cookware. Cooking was super easy, and boy was it delicious. So many popcorn companies promise "movie theater" popcorn, but Popsmith actually delivers.

Alex P.

Experience the Gold-Standard of Homemade Popcorn | The Popsmith Starter Bundle


Experience the Gold-Standard of Homemade Popcorn | The Popsmith Starter Bundle

2,867 reviews

Make every snack time and movie night feel magical. Includes:

✔ Modern, stainless steel stovetop popcorn maker

✔ 5x all-inclusive Oh Sooo Buttery popcorn kits

✔ 5x all-inclusive Classic Kettle Corn popcorn kits

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