Watching a movie at home is a great way to spend time with your family, friends, and those you love. A movie night makes a fantastic date night and a fun family experience. Movies just bring us together. The best part is, you don’t need to leave home to have an exciting movie night. You can stay comfy, inside, in your pajamas, and still have a great time. 

Thanks to instant movie streaming, many of us have grown accustomed to home movie nights. If you feel like movie nights have become too routine and basic, this article will help spice up your experience. We have 11 creative, family-friendly ideas to make movie night something you look forward to all week long. 

Benefits of a DIY Family Movie Night

There are many reasons why you should skip the movie theater and stay at home for a movie night. The main benefit is the choices. When you are home, you get to choose absolutely everything. You can choose the snacks, the movie, where you sit, and even who you watch with. You can even pause the movie if you need to go to the bathroom or head to the kitchen for some ice cream. 

Plus, serving your own snacks will make it much easier for anyone with allergies or dietary restrictions. It is worry-free and casual, but still super fun. A completely customized experience is the best way to watch your favorite movies.

A home movie night is also a much more economical option. The cost of the movie is significantly less than paying for movie theater tickets. All in all, a DIY movie night at home will save you money, give you lots of options and still be fun. 

11 Family Movie Night Ideas to Bring More Fun

Ready for 11 great ideas to make your family movie night even better? Let’s dive right in.

1. Print Movie Tickets

Movie tickets are part of the fun of going out to the movie theater. It is exciting to get a souvenir to take home and just adds to the overall experience. Printing your own movie tickets is a fun way to bring your home movie night to the next level.

You can design movie tickets on the computer or make them by hand. You can find lots of free printable templates online as well. 

Hand the home theater tickets out to your family in the morning to build excitement throughout the day. You can even send them as part of a birthday invitation. This is such an easy and personal way to spice up a home movie night. 

2. Set up a Concession Stand

Everyone loves choosing snacks before a movie. There is something about all the choices at a concession stand that makes going to the movies so fun. You get to have snacks you typically wouldn’t have at home. 

Try setting up your own concession stand at home. You can use cardboard boxes to make the “stand” and have the kids come to the counter to order. Stock your stand with your family’s favorites. Hot dogs, nachos, popcorn and, of course, candy are all great options. Think of the drive-in movie snack favorite you love and add them to your home concession stand. Your at-home movie night will really be complete now.

3. Use a Projector

One reason why going to the movies is thrilling is the intensity of watching on such a big screen. The oversized movie screen immerses you completely and makes you feel as if you are part of the story. You can get this same feeling right at home.

Buy, rent, or borrow a movie projector and screen to make your home viewing experience even more incredible. The big screen in your living room will make you feel like you are at the movies. This will instantly improve your home movie night.

4. Create Movie Posters

When you walk down the hallway of a movie theater, you pass lots of movie posters advertising current and upcoming movies. You can recreate this setting by making your own movie posters. You can even make a movie theater time board to show the screen time your home movie will be playing.

Look for free, printable movie posters online or make your own. This can be a great activity for kids. Have them create their own posters to hang on the wall. This is a sure way to build their excitement and make them feel like they are part of the special night. 

5. Design Your Own Movie Night Snack Bar

Movie theater snacks are always overpriced. Many of us skip the snack bar at the movie theater because of the high prices. However, when you have a home movie night, you can create your own snack bar at a fraction of the cost. The best part is you can choose all of your favorite foods to add to the snack bar, giving you and your family exactly what they want to enjoy during the movie. 

Popcorn is a necessary salty snack that you can make even better by adding some popcorn seasonings or toppings. You may want to try a baked potato bar with everything from sour cream to bacon bits. You can’t go wrong with an ice cream sundae station with tons of topping for everyone to pile on. Get creative.

6. Backyard Movie Night

When the weather is nice, you should move your movie night outside. Set up an outdoor movie screen (or just use a big, white sheet) and a projector and you are ready to go. Grab some cozy blankets to help you stay warm after the sun goes down. Put up some string lights to really set the scene. 

YOu can also have fun with the outdoor movie night snacks. Light a fire pit and roast marshmallows or just fire up the popcorn machine. Watching a family movie under the stars is the ultimate movie night experience. 

7. Wear Coordinated Outfits

When you watch a movie in the comfort of your living room, you can also wear your favorite, most comfortable clothes. Make it a family pajama party and movie night. The whole family can wear matching pjs and get cozy while watching a fun Disney movie.

You can also get dressed up, matching your costumes to the theme of the movie. Dress up like a character from Star Wars and start a movie marathon. Grab your princess dress and put on your family’s favorite Disney movie. You can dress up for pretty much any movie and make it a whole, fun-themed night.

8. Throw a Themed Dinner

Speaking of theme movie nights, why not match your meal to your movie? When you are having a movie night at home, you can easily do this. Have a dinner party before the movie even starts and make the food match the upcoming movie. 

There are an endless number of meals you can prepare based on the movie you choose. Here are a few ideas to help you get started: 

  • Jurassic Park – Serve dino nuggets with some dirt pudding for dessert. 
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Make a roasted lamb, a Greek salad, and a bundt cake for dessert.
  • Lilo & Stitch – Pixar movies are often great for themed meals since they take place in specific locations. Lilo and Stitch goes well with Hawaiian food like Kalua Pork or a Hawaiian pizza.
  • Harry Potter – Make a huge Christmas feast complete with butterbeer and chocolate frogs. Be sure to eat in your house robes.
  • Elf – Make Buddy’s favorite meal: spaghetti with maple syrup. 

A great movie and a great meal are the recipes for a perfect family movie night.

9. Have an Intermission

One reason why family movie nights at home are the best is that you are spending time with your family. Take a break from the movie halfway through to refill your snacks, go to the bathroom, and also to talk to each other about the movie so far. Is the movie scary? Who do you think is the villain? What do you think will happen next? 

Being able to talk during the movie will help you and your family bond. It’s not just about staring at a screen. There is so much more to family movie nights that makes them special. 

10. Marathon Your Favorite Movies

Does your family have a sequel that they love? If so, you need to have a complete movie marathon day. This is perfect for when the weather is rainy or when someone is feeling a little sick. It is the perfect time to watch some classic movies and relax.

Watch movies that have sequels like Jumanji, Jaws, or any of the Disney princess movies. YOu can also try watching classic movies followed up with their modern remakes. See which versions the family likes best. 

11. Keep a Movie List

One big tip to help plan the perfect family movie night is to pick the movie in advance. Picking a good movie under pressure is never easy. Also, not everyone in the family may agree on what to watch. It can help to keep a running list of family-friendly movies that you can choose from when movie night comes around. 

Be sure to include some theme night movies on your list. Add a few Halloween movies for October and some Christmas movies for December. This way, you have a good movie in mind for every season and occasion. 

Have the Best Movie Night with the Right Snacks

A family movie night at home is such a great way to spend time with the people you love in a comfortable, fun way. Give some of our movie night tips a try to make your next movie night purely perfect. 

Our favorite way to elevate a movie night is with the joy of popcorn. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your recipes and explore new ways to enjoy your favorite movie night snack. Check out some of our favorite sweet and savory popcorn seasonings to get inspired for your next movie night.